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Ghost Hunters TAPS Investigate the 1890 House in Cortland - CNY Paranormal

1890 House/Facebook

Syfy Channel Ghost Hunters, TAPS, recently investigated The 1890 House in Cortland, NY unveiling yet another historic site that has long been rumored to be haunted.

It is widely believed that many historic sites, historical societies and museums have paranormal phenomena associated with either the historic building or the objects collected there-in. However, the vast majority of these sites have been wary of admitting that they have any form of activity.

Now, 9 years after Ghost Hunters debuted on Syfy, Para~History and Para~Tourism are the norm. A recent study found that 45% of people say that ghosts exist, 43% say ghosts can't do what you see in the movies (Finally) and a whoping 64% believe in life after death. 

This is why prestigious sites once concerned with harming their reputation by admitting to paranormal occurances are now openly admitting to having paranormal activity. They're hoping to increase foot-traffic to their site and gain some new media coverage.

So, the impressive 1890 House Museum in Cortland, NY opened up about the long rumored paranormal activity at the site and invited the Ghost Hunters to investigate the site.


The 1890 House Museum was once the residence of the 19th century industrialist Chester Franklin Wickwire. Constructed to mimic an impressice mansion that he saw on a trip to New York City, they began construction in 1888 and in 1890 the house was finished. It served as his home until his death in 1915 where it then sat vacant for the next 7 years. It continued to change hands and in 1975, Cortland County bought the house and opened it as The 1890 House Museum and Center for Victorian Arts.

The 1890 HouseActivity

The staff report that many visitors have reported seeing floating orbs and captured ghostly images in photos and even captured ghostly voices in one audio recording. The staff of the 1890 House also claim to have encounters with the ghostly former residents of the house. 



The 1890 House Museum is yet another local site here in CNY that has opened itself up to Para~Tourism. While the Syfy Ghost Hunters spent less than half an episode on the investigation of the site, the museum will no doubt become inundated with ghost hunting teams, enthusiasts and the just generally curious heading to the site. The Para~History of the site is now known to the general public but will it be a benefit to the Museum?

Previously The 1890 House turned away many teams offering to investigate and do fundraisers in exchange for an investigation. Many sites investigated by Ghost Hunters, TAPS, close themselves to other teams after their debut with Syfy fame. But this closes them to fundraisers, potential evidence, activities and more.

Now that Ghost Hunters, TAPS, have investigated will the 1890 House Museum now close itself permananetly to other investigators? Will we see tours this fall? A switch to full para~tourism?

What are your thoughts on sites that do this?

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